Wk 14 – Classmate Conversations – Eva Drexler & Natalie Marquez

Today I met two classmates, Eva Drexler and Natalie Marquez. Eva is from NorCal like me, specifically Berkeley. She’s a 2nd year studying health science, and enjoys cooking and eating. She also loves listening to music. One type of art that had an impact on her was the murals in the missions of San Francisco. Since these murals are so vast, it really awes her, as she feels she couldn’t fathom painting something so big. It also reminds her of home.

Natalie Marquez is a 3rd year and majors in child development. She is from Huntington Beach and likes watching Netflix. She’s also an outdoors type of person. Over Thanksgiving break, Natalie was working at Forever 21 and spending time with family. She said that the store she was working at didn’t have a lot of people coming, since the rest of the mall was closed. The art gallery with the little clay people had an impact on her. She didn’t imagine that art could also be sculpted in that way. She was intrigued by all the emotions each caricature portrayed.



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