Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez

Today I interviewed artist Lourdes Martinez. Her artwork consisted of glass mounted on a wooden block, with a printed image between the two sheets of glass. The look is very sleek, like something that stands alone; speaking for something big. There isn’t much of a texture, just a finely printed picture indicating some meaning.

Martinez explains her process. She first came across a picture of Earth, taken from space, 66 billion kilometers away. It is the furthest picture of Earth ever taken. She began thinking about how insignificant all of us are. Humans can be so engrossed by their own minuscule problems, but it does’t really matter. We are just specks of a speck in a galaxy. Martinez felt compelled to make this into a statement. She zoomed into the photograph, and captured the 4 pixels that was Earth, which is what her piece is.

Martinez has always been interested in space. If ever anything intrigues her, she’ll do everything she can to learn more about it. This installation was part of her documentation process. She hoped to step outside the typical route of photographs being so concrete; captured and made into prints.

For me, it seemed that Martinez was really battling the issue of how small we are. It’s a good reminder to know that life is much more than just what we wear or what we eat. Our life is so short, and we are merely a part of history, or anything. Yet I’d like to think that we are more than just a speck. We can make our lives extraordinary. Look how technologically advanced we’ve become? Astronauts have been able to travel light years across space to get to another planet. That’s pretty vast and incredible to me.


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