Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett


This week I had the honor to meet artist Tyler Turett, who is an Animation major in his last semester of college. Turett’s cartoons are made up of mostly 2-dimensional characters with a 3-dimensional background.  They are round, with exaggerated features and obvious facial expressions. Turett uses unexpected colors for his cartoons, such as a light green skin tone. The background fades out to give more emphasis on the cartoon characters. Turett uses vibrant hues to bring his animation to life.

In the beginning, Turett was at crossroads trying to decide between illustration and animation, but ended up choosing animation since he was interested in character design. He was inspired by Disney movies as a child, and all the added features that animation had to offer; such as the ability to make cartoons move and make sounds. He hopes to one day work for Pixar.

Turett’s animation process begins with drawing on paper. He then transfers the drawing onto an electronic drawing pad called a cintiq. He still uses the same outline for his cartoons, but moves around the skeleton and joints to show movement. Mostly, Turett focuses on drawing different mouths, since facial expressions are very important to visualize for the audience.

It’s mesmerizing to see all of what goes into Turett’s animated work. It requires him to spend hours on end drawing each frame, making sure everything is in place. Animation requires skill and passion, and I appreciate all the tedious details that are necessary to make a great animated film. Animation is able to bring a different kind of emotion to viewers. It’s powering that it can have that ability out of something that was created by a person, instead of an actor.

You can view more of Turett’s work at: http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation


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