Wk 12 – Activity – ePortfolio

This week our activity was to rearrange our websites into an ePortfolio. I haven’t decided the direction of where I want this blog to go, whether it be to showcase my photographs, or to be something specific for my major. I do enjoy blogging being a photojournalist, so I decided to make the layout more clean; a way for viewers to see my website in a more crisp perspective, able to see both pictures and text at the same time.

I updated the featured images of each post so they show up on the home page. I think the change makes it look more professional, which would work for my major (Business Marketing) as well. The geometric shapes of the alternating photos and text boxes allow the audience to navigate it easier.

In the future if I want to make it even more photography based, I would choose one of the themes that gives more room for large photos, as the focus would be on that.


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