Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Carolina De La Torre


Today I met classmate Carolina De La Torre. I learned that she was a Pre-Kin major, also a second year. She’s planning to go into nursing, even if that entails transferring to another school. Carolina is from Compton. I asked her what it was like living there, as there are many stereotypes about that city, and she said that it’s calmed down a lot since before.

Carolina enjoys eating. She especially likes eating ice cream, even if the weather is cold. Her favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough, and she recently had Italian ice at frostbites. She also likes Hot Cheetos puffs!

She and I both agreed that Autumn is the best, especially because of the clothes we get to wear in this chillier weather. She embodies the hipster style. Her favorite show is Empire. The weirdest thing she has ever ate is a hare (comparable to a bunny or rabbit).

On the topic of tattoos, Carolina mentioned that she does consider it to be art. Choosing it out of a book is not as much of an artistic expression, unless it has specific significance to it. Her family is more conservative and despises tattoos, but Carolina likes them and would want to get a sun or moon tattoo on the back of her neck.


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