Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Cameren Johnson


Last weekend I was feeling terribly under the weather with allergy attacks and totally neglected my weekly posts. I had planned to write about my classmate, Cameren Johnson, but since I didn’t get to, here it is now!

I met Cameren through this class. We had carpooled together to Seal Beach for plaster casting, as well as to Venice Beach for graffiti art. I was instantly intrigued by Cameren as she is half Japanese, half Black. A couple of my friends from home are half Black or Indian and half Japanese, so I could instantly distinguish her ethnicity.

Cameren is a junior, majoring in Accounting. She works at Subway, but would love to find a different job, as her current job is very monotonous. She gets a lot of drunk/homeless customers during late shifts. She recently bought a nickel board to help get places faster, especially when she has to park far from her apartment.

Cameren loves dogs, food, shows, and going out with friends. I know she especially likes Starbucks, because not everyone regularly buys drinks and food from there, as it is a little bit pricey. Cameren is very laid-back. One time, she randomly asked if I wanted a Starbucks drink, and when I said I shouldn’t, she still bought me a mocha frap, which I thought was extremely kind of her.

Cameren is a very considerate sister. She works long shifts, but ends up spending hundreds of dollars she saved up on presents for her younger brothers. Despite the fact that her brothers aren’t working and aren’t able to give her the same luxurious gifts, it doesn’t stop her from being generous. I thought that was a super cool fact about her.

Cameren’s favorite type of art medium is the pretty oil paintings she’s seen at the galleries so far. She likes that these canvases display images in a simple way.

I’m glad I got to meet a new friend in this class!


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