Wk 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art


First two photos from classmates, last two photos are mine

Last Thursday, we played around with drawing & sharing on snapchat. This was actually one of the harder activities for me since I had deleted the snapchat app for a while now, as it had previously been a major distraction in my life. It was difficult to remind myself to post and document through-out the day, and check my classmates’ snapchats, as I had grown accustomed to not checking this platform, or social media in general, when I’m out with friends.

I think this is why I didn’t feel as much of a connection with other Art 110 classmates. Yet I can see how there could be a connection, if a series of drawings were passed to each other one after another, responding.

Snapchat to me is a combination of Instagram & Periscope. Instagram is the most permanent, but all platforms show the public of what an individual is doing. Snapchat embodies both, as it both captures still images and takes short videos. Periscope takes longer documentaries. As a photographer, Instagram is my favorite, as it’s the perfect way to capture memories in a powerful photo. It doesn’t require as much commitment of holding a phone for a video, just a quick snap to upload on the spot or later. With snapchat’s 24 hour expiration, I feel the need to continuously post what I’m doing and check multiple times a day to keep up with other people’s lives.


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