Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation – Kiro Tadros


This week I got the opportunity to meet Kiro, who is a sophomore, 19, and majoring in Biology. I initiated a conversation with him because I knew that he had gone to skid row before, a poor area of LA where a lot of homeless people stay. It’s awesome to meet other people who voluntarily go to these places that aren’t necessarily “fun”, to get to know them as individuals while simultaneously learning about what people of poverty go through on a daily basis. Kiro likes school, trying new restaurants, and enjoys hanging with friends. Kiro also loves traveling, and has been to Egypt, Rome, and Italy. He’s a middle child of two sisters.

I found it interesting that he’s Egyptian, since I don’t know many people who are. He can speak Arabic and Spanish. Even more fascinating is that he was actually born dead, as his umbilical cord was wrapped around him and he came out blue, but fortunately his surgeon was able to save him!

In 10 years, Kiro hopes to have completed his residency, and found the true love of his life. On the topic of the emotions from colors, Kiro depicts red as love, blue as exciting, black as death, and yellow as mellow.


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