Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Dawn Derry & Anahid Malek-Stepanians

wk6_3wk6_2  wkk6_1

Last week I got to view some majestic art pieces at the campus gallery. Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stephanians filled the exhibition with their vibrant yet soothing oil paintings. Although oil paint was the predominant medium used, acrylic paint was also used in enhancing the quality of the images. Scraping knives were also implemented to add 3D texture.

Dawn and Anahid both explored the concepts of nature. It was their inspiration for their paintings, to take real-life experiences from the outdoors, whether it be Yosemite, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, etc, and incapsulate it in an interpretive art piece. Both artists have an immense passion for the serenity of nature, as it provided balance and introspection. It was clear to see this from their vivid paintings. Anahid hopes that viewers can see something deeper than the void space that people often affiliate with nature. Though the paintings have a lonely feel to it, these artists want us to see solitude in a more positive light.

Viewing their artwork was extremely peaceful. They looked like expensive masterpieces that belonged in a mansion. Standing in front of the art makes you feel something powerful in your heart. Anahid Malek-Stepanians “Winter” piece is so peaceful to look at, although it seems to be an image of a barren winter day. These artists have really brought their memories of these beautiful places to life, in such a simple and elegant way.


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