Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon

Artist Sery Kwon with her piece, pictured above

During last Thursday’s gallery visit, I got to view some paintings at the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. I focused on an abstract art piece by Sery Kwon and Coleton Kargi Palmer. The medium used was oil paint, and it was done on a wooden door. There were all types of vibrant colors on the canvas, with both sharp and rounded lines. The artwork looks very “loud” and demands attention from viewers.

The theme of this artwork is time. When you look closely, you see faces and bodies within the colors. They resemble figures and emotions of people through time. It is chaotic, trying to hone in on each moment of time. Sery was more of the abstract artist, and Coleton was the one that came in after to draw figures that he saw within the abtract piece. To help inspire the process, Sery and Coleton put up words on the walls surrounding themselves to get them thinking about what to draw.

I found it to be very representative that the painting was done on a door, whether intentional or not. Doors are very symbolic of a new chapter in your life, or a different environment. I picture these figures just going through doors that open different avenues of their lives.

Life is colorful and constant, never stopping, just like time. This artwork shows that there is so much to experience with our human time on earth, so much emotion filled with vibrant moments; confusing, sad, and spontaneous.


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