Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Donna Tang


This past week I got to meet Donna Tang. I had seen her face a lot since we’re both a part of a huge Christian club on campus called Intervarsity. I’m glad this class gave me an opportunity to get to know her as an individual.

I found that Donna is a hard-worker, as she is double majoring in Chinese studies and Social Work, and is able to complete these two degrees within 4 years plus just one semester. I was fascinated to know that we had both visited Vietnam last summer, since it’s not a common place to visit unless you’re Vietnamese. It just so happens that Donna is Vietnamese, although she is ethnically Chinese, since her parents immigrated from China to Vietnam.

Just from looking at Donna, you can tell that she is a very interesting person. Her hair is cut very short (because it was overwhelmingly hot in Vietnam) and she rocks it so well. She can play the guitar, and loves playing “Hillsong” songs, which is a popular Christian band.

We related to each other because we both seem to be “swimming” in our Christian fellowship. As much happiness and joy we have received from being in this great group of people, participating in the events can be an immense time commitment, which makes it difficult to try other things on campus or become close with students outside of the club, and know what that realm of reality would look like. Although it doesn’t stop us from trying!


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