Wk 5 – Activity – Ethnography


This week’s activity was to not use electricity for a night, and let me be frank and say that it wasn’t easy. Thinking about the rest of my weekend, where I would be very busy with homework and celebrating my 19th birthday, I knew I would be needing technology to contact people, or use internet to get studying done. I decided that I would do the activity Thursday night. Since I usually hangout with my friends around late afternoon Thursdays, it wasn’t too difficult to avoid using electricity. Then I realized that the campus would be lit with lamps, so we headed back to my apartment. I knew that spending the night with friends would make it easier, but it would be inconvenient for them. They were very open to changing up the environment for once. We lit a few candles, talked, and played board games. It was hard to see since it was so dim, but I enjoyed the real face-to-face conversations that were rid of electronics and distractions. There were several instances where I would want to instinctively reach for my phone to check social media, email, or text messages, but I forced myself to wait the next morning. I ended up sleeping earlier, and sleeping well. It was actually quite rewarding since I woke up to a list of people telling me Happy Birthday! I believe that it’s healthy to not rely on electricity once in a while and to go outside more.


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