Week 4: Painting



This week’s activity was spray painting. Although I’m usually iffy to make a half or full day commitment due to my busy schedule, I was really looking forward to de-stress with some spray painting at Venice Beach. This class really keeps me sane from the amount of homework and rigor from my major classes. Yet this visual art course challenges me in different ways too, by pushing and expanding my art-loving side. I’ve never done graffiti before. Every time I see it somewhere random, it seems as if that wall was illegally painted and vandalized, although that doesn’t stop me from appreciating it. I was grateful for the opportunity to legally spray paint a wall, especially at a place like Venice Beach that bustles with creativity.

I first started with writing my name. I absolutely adored the gold spray paint. It came out very metallic and shiny. Yet I wasn’t too ecstatic about the finished product, maybe since I was too excited and rushed to get it done. It didn’t look “bold” enough. I started experimenting with my boyfriend’s name, “Cooper”. I used some of my friend Cameren’s spray paint to add more layers to it, and ended up liking it a lot more than how my name had turned out. This was most likely just the result of more confidence, experience, and effort spent on it.

Cameren suggested writing names in a different language, so I tested out writing my surname “Chang” in Chinese. I often see people have Chinese characters tattooed on their skin. I believe it’s because Chinese characters are very beautiful in its strokes, and powerfully symbolic in few words. Being Taiwanese is very crucial to my identity, so I ended up liking the mandarin character I graffiti’ed on the wall the most.

I had so much fun doing wall art at Venice Beach. Spray painting the wall unleashed a closeted euphoria for art that doesn’t often resurface due to my packed schedule, which is why I very much enjoy when I am basically “forced” to do something artistic, such as an excuse to go do some graffiti at the beach. I plan to come back again and practice doing bubble letters that are so common in graffiti art. And maybe write more of my friends’ names since it’s awesome to have a piece of someone be a display for everyone to see!


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