Week 4 Classmate Conversation: Matt Carder

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Last Thursday before the gallery visit even begun, I met Matt Carder. I wasn’t intending for him to be the person I had my “classmate conversation” with, rather I was just very intrigued by the shirt he was wearing, as he mentioned in his post as well. Intervarsity Christian fellowship is a huge part of my identity and college experience, so when I saw him wearing our club shirt, I was confused since I had never seen him at our events before. Without hesitation I went up to ask him about it, and found out he had come out once last year.

Matt grew up in southern central California. He had a graduating class of 43 students, which was vastly different compared to my graduating class of 610. As the youngest child, he grew up with an older brother and sister. He is now a 3rd year studying Mechanical Engineering, which sounds impossibly challenging to me. He interned at an industrial plant company recently, which is pretty impressive and helpful to have under your belt for an undergraduate. Upon talking about hobbies, Matt explained his interest in athletic endeavors such as sports. He enjoys hiking, baseball, and football, to name a few. I thought it was really cool that he also owns a kayak, since who doesn’t love kayaking?!

An interesting fact about Matt is that he drinks a lot of water. I noticed this because he was carrying around a gallon of water with him. It made me think that I really don’t drink enough water every day, which I should since it has so many health benefits. Matt likes taking pictures, although he thinks he isn’t good at it. When talking about the topic of art, he mentioned that he thinks art is important because it’s a way to express yourself without words.


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