Week 3: Conversation With Classmate Geraldine Meono

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

After viewing the gallery artwork, I approached Geraldine Meono (or “G”) for the classmate conversation. We started with the basics. “What’s your major? What year are you?” I found out that Geraldine is a 3rd year sociology major, and our homes are actually around the same area! She’s from San Pedro, whereas I live in Torrance, both of which are neighboring cities to each other. San Pedro is familiar to me because that is the dock where I’ve taken boat trips to Catalina Island, where she has been as well.

Geraldine loves music, in particular Taylor Swift. I was excited to hear that because I am a huge T. Swift lover myself. I was so envious to hear that Geraldine had been to her 1989 concert just in August. I’ve always wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert, as she is very theatrical in her performance, wears glamorous outfits, and has a lot of backup dancers and exquisite stage set-up. Geraldine talked about how the concert had lit-up bracelets that went with the music, so during the song “Mad Blood”, the bracelet turned red. How cool is that?

Upon the topic of pets, Geraldine explained that she has a 3-legged turtle. She didn’t notice that her turtle only had 3 legs until she brought her new pet home. We didn’t get the chance to discuss our opinions on art, but I’m hoping to provoke longer, deeper conversations with future classmates. I enjoyed the opportunity of being forced to meet someone new. I find that in this generation, teens (including me) often surround themselves with walls of technology and music, hence the awkward silence before class starts, or on a public bus. I want to break this norm, where people are more interested in engaging in their present environment.


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