Week 2: Plaster Casting

Last Thursday, our class experimented with sculpting. We went to Seal Beach to make sculptures out of plaster. We did this by digging up holes in the sand, putting our arms or legs inside the hole, and packing it down with wet sand. Afterwards, we removed our limb and then poured the plaster mixed with sea water to make the mold. It was an interesting process to make casts at a beach. It was the perfect place for our project, since it required sand and water. My friends and I had a fun time “suffering” and laughing in our awkward positions while our arms were in the hole, and trying to mix the plaster fast enough before it dried up. After half an hour, we dug out the molds. It reminded us of uncovering fossils. I remember when I was younger and would buy these blocks of sand that had mini plastic dinosaur bones inside. I enjoyed brushing away the sand, pretending I was an archaeologist finding a precious artifact. My mold had some missing fingers but overall I was pretty impressed with how the liquid transformed into a solid mold of my arm and hand.
beach-49-2beach-38 beach-14beach-48


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